TOC - Self Learning Program on CD-ROM


TOC - Self Learning Program on Finance and Measurements

Finance, as a key function in any organization, must be able to answer critical questions: what is the company's performance? do we invest in equipment and machinery? should we make or buy? should we use profit centers or cost centers? what is the profit of a product/service? Reality and research have shown that cost-accounting based decisions and using local measurements can be devastating to the performance on the shop floor, marketing, sales, engineering, purchasing and even distribution.

In this session Dr. Goldratt will show how financial decisions should be based on the system as a whole and not according to their local impact. A clear but simple set of metrics can bridge the gap between the bottom line and the local actions to deliver the best results.

79 EUR

TOC - Self Learning Program on Distribution and Supply Chain

With the exception of companies whose stated business is retail, most companies tend to ignore distribution. This is a huge mistake. Since every company is a link in a supply chain, most already realize that as long as the end consumer has not bought, nobody has sold. The biggest clot in the supply chain - the majority of the inventories - are usually found in the distribution stage. If a company wants to prosper its managers must understand how to help the distribution link to drastically improve its performance.

You will learn how to carry out practical changes and what are the points you should take into account to have a successful implementation.


79 EUR

TOC - Self Learning Program on Marketing

Marketing should not be confused with sales nor with advertising. Marketing is the ability of the company to bring the market to want its products. In other words, the ability to create a competitive edge. Rarely can a company devise effective marketing without the involvement and contribution of managers from all functions.

 You will learn, through several examples and clear concepts, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts of market segmentation, market significant need, using cause and effect diagrams to identify and create a decisive competitive edge, as well as build an unrefusable offer.


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TOC - Self Learning Program on Sales and Buy-in

As part of the most comprehensive and holistic perspective of TOC, Dr. Goldratt presents the TOC applications to sales and buy-in.
Not just the sales people but every manager in every company is required to sell; to sell their products, their suggestions and decisions, to clients, bosses or their own people. Is there an effective, systematic way to sell; to overcome resistance to change?
You will learn how to carry out a practical step by step process to identify and overcome the various layers of resistance faced when "selling".
This program will show you what you should  take into account to be successful on handling reservations when presenting or being presented a product, offer, decision, suggestion or idea.


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TOC - Self Learning Program on Managing People

The key to managing people is mutual respect. Why is it so difficult to give and get respect? In spite of all good intentions, what blocks us?

The essential elements required to manage people are well known:

  • conflict resolution
  • empowerment
  • team building

What is not well-known is that the TOC logical approach to derive solutions for the more "tangible" topics is equally effective at providing powerful methods to manage people. In this session Dr. Goldratt reveals the important know-how for managing people the TOC Way.


79 EUR

TOC - Self Learning Program on Strategy and Tactics

The objective of any company is to implement an effective and lasting Process Of OnGoing Improvement. Unfortunately, after the initial thrust most improvement efforts stagnate. This program molds the Theory of Constraints know-how into a clear, overall strategy backed up by detailed tactics, so that the rate of improvement continues to grow over time.

Your will learn the practical elements required for a process of ongoing improvement, ensuring that the organization is immunized from market fluctuations. This session offers a clear roadmap of the actions that need to be taken to achieve sustainable results, like market segmentation and using improved operations as a decisive competitive edge.

This program wil show you a clear, overall strategy and the corresponding tactics to immunize the company from future market fluctuations

79 EUR