About Goldratt CZ

Who we are

We have been delivering solutions that increase profitability of our clients since 1999.

We are part of the international consultancy network Goldratt Group, in which we share and develop our know-how based on Theory of Constraints (TOC) and cooperate on projects in the Czech Republic and world-wide.

How we work

First we identify areas where improvements will result in significant increase of organizational competitiveness and ability to earn more money. We propose adequate approaches and tools to maximize effectiveness of identified areas and calculate benefits of the proposed solution. We focus primarily on TOC and derived tools (Critical Chain, Thinking Process, …) invented by dr. E. M. Goldratt.

What we deliver

Goals of all our projects are quantified beforehand and approved by the client. When formulating the goals we take into consideration the current constraints (bottle-necks) and priorities of your organization.

We aim to bring success to organization, its employees, customers and subcontractors. We always develop details of the proposed solution with your organization in the first phase of the project. We also guarantee the benefits of our solutions.

What can we do for you?