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Late Night Discussions

Eliyahu M. Goldratt
This collection of Late Night Discussions originally appeared as a monthly column in Industry Week magazine. Involves 12 discussions on the following topics: How to block your own distribution channels a discussion on the automotive industry. How to turn an excellent solution into a disaster a discussion on single source vendor. How to go from one ditch into another a discussion on automation. How to throw out the baby with the bath water a discussion on automation. How to run from one excuse to another a discussion on Japanese success. How to perfect devastating and long term lead times a discussion on project engineering. The paradigm shift in material management. How companies behave in a market downturn a discussion on market segmentation, part 1. How the notion of product price kills companies market segmentation, part 2. How erroneous policies and measurements can kill a friendship a discussion on human behavior in organizations. Where did product cost and profit come from a discussion on cost accounting.
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